Hi! This is a project I made to use machine learning to help investors learn about companies that are going to IPO soon.

Select a company and it will take you to the page for company with options to learn more. The big blue text at the top will take to the Form S-1 of the company where my machine learning model has highlighted unusual passages in yellow. The S-1 is a prospectus that every company going public is required to file with the SEC giving information on its business prospects, financials, risks, etc. The model works by comparing S-1s against each other, and highlighting language in any particular S-1 that is not commonly found across all S-1s. Keep in mind that unusual is not the same thing as important; the model is only a tool and not a replacement for your own thought and diligence while investing. If in addition to reading S-1, you want to know what other people and articles on the web are saying about the company, click one of the buttons on the company page. They feature links that have been sorted by another machine learning model. Select Intro Level if you don't yet know much about the company or want a fast read, select one of the other ones if you're looking for a more in-depth read. Hope the site is helpful, and good luck in the markets!

Depending on how busy I am, I will try to update it every Sunday, and if you see any issues or have any feature requests feel free to email me!